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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"THE color of 2013 Year of the [SNAKE]"^ ^;...

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    stock vector : Cute snake (symbol of 2013 year) in Santa's hat. Vector ...


Alex Smith's interview

About me
Easy Submission offers organic search engine optimization and link building services globally. We help our clients to get high rank and generate only targeted traffic from genuine sources. Our results are measurable and our clients enjoy high returns-on-investment [ROI].

What is an Submission?
An electronic Submission (or eSubmission) is a set of registration files submitted in electronic form during an approval or variation or renewal procedure (Centralised, National, Mutual, Decentralised). It could be a set of files (Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft® Word files (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and picture files like jpeg, or png, etc.) usually submitted in folders according to the current paper CTD guidance or files structured and organised according to the specifications for eCTD. Other structures or formats can be accepted according to various requirements. A usual electronic submission differs from an electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) as it does not contain an XML backbone or MD5 checksum as defined by the ICH (http://estri.ich.org/) – it is merely a collection of electronic files either as a “bunch” of files or organised in folders.

In the summer of 2009, GreenEarth received a generous donation of over a hundred hectares of land which has been neglected for decades. After several months, 31 hectares has been duly titled to the foundation. As the Bible declares that the "Earth is the Lord's and everything in it," our mission is grounded in honoring the Almighty God through proper and responsible stewardship of what He has entrusted to us here on earth. Thus, our journey to rehabilitate and nurture this God given land has begun. It is physically and financially challenging yet spiritually and emotionally enriching.

Together we will help build a better tomorrow for the people of San Miguel, Bulacan and create a true farm to table health experience for our myriad customers.

May you be enticed to come visit and partner with us in our lifelong mission. A Better Earth is a GreenEarth!

Pantone names emerald as THE color of 2013

Forget about the burgundy, muted pastels and fuchsia which have dominated 2012, because Pantone has just announced that emerald is set to be the color of 2013.  And well, it’s not huge surprise; the shade was certainly a great hit backstage at the spring/summer 2013 shows. At Stella McCartney emerald liner was swept across the lower lash line, while the Christian Dior models sported rich emerald pigments on crystal-encrusted lids.  And don’t even get us started on the matching emerald shadow and nails at Kenzo.


Green is the color of emeralds, jade, and growing grass. In the continuum of colors of visible light it is located between yellow and blue. Green is the color most commonly associated with nature and the environmental movement, Islam, spring, hope and envy.

Green Peace Organization acts to change the attitude and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Green Peace Organization is an independent global organization that acts to protect the earth/nature from the future destruction.

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    Panoramio - Photo of Green viper sunbathing on Halsema Highway

Photo taken in Tabuk, Philippines 

Green viper

Green viper may refer to:

    Atheris nitschei, a.k.a. Great Lakes bush viper, a venomous viper species found in Africa from Uganda and adjacent DR Congo in the north to northern Malawi in the south.

    Causus resimus, a.k.a. the green night adder, a venomous viper species found in isolated populations distributed across tropical Africa.

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The green anaconda is one of the world's longest snakes, reaching more than 6.6 m (22 ft) long.[2] It is the largest snake native to the Americas and probably the heaviest extant species of snake or squamate.[3] Reports of anacondas 35–40 feet or even longer also exist, but such claims need to be regarded with caution, as no specimens of such lengths have ever been deposited in a museum and hard evidence is lacking.[4] A $50,000 cash reward is offered for anyone who can catch an anaconda 30 ft (9.1 m) or longer, but the prize has not been claimed yet.[5] Although the reticulated python is longer, the anaconda is the heaviest snake. The longest (and heaviest) scientifically verified specimen was a female measuring 521 cm (17.09 ft) long and weighing 97.5 kg (215 lb).[6]

The color pattern consists of olive green background overlaid with black blotches along the length of the body. The head is narrow compared to the body, usually with distinctive orange-yellow striping on either side. The eyes are set high on the head, allowing the snake to see out of the water while swimming without exposing its body.

Think Green
Be mindful of and sensitive
to the natural environment in your daily life.

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    green kaimito (chrysophyllum cainito), a photo from Zamboanga del Sur ...

Caimito / Star Apple

Caimito (Chrysophyllum cainito) is an extremely common backyard and roadside fruit in the Philippines.

The Caimito fruit has a star like design when it is sliced, hence its common name Star Apple. It has a soft, extremely sweet flesh that is delicious when cold. — with TiNa Danduan Vallestero.


Libra (September 23 to October 22):

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and belongs to the Air element. Their personality represents aggression and idealism. Leadership is one of the best attributes in Librans. They are like a magnet to the people and very active in the society. They are pro in counseling others as they can easily figure out the pros and cons of any problem in any situation. They don't like to be alone and love to be surrounded by friends. One can easily find a Libran in social gatherings, parties and functions as they are party animals.

Green Philippines
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 "Chinese Year of the Snake 2013
If you were born in the Year of the Snake 2013 is significant for you because 2013 is the Year of the Snake!
So what will 2013 hold for the person born in the Year of the Snake?
First, let us review the characteristics of a person born in the Year of the Snake.
According to Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Snake person is a smart person.
They think of clever schemes in a cold calculating manner.
This Chinese zodiac animal sign represents people who are loners and use others to achieve their aims and goals.
Their Chinese horoscope makes for interesting reading.
Their goals may be worthwhile for mankind or could be solely for the gain of the Snake person.
Some people find them attractive because of their swift movement and slender silky beauty.
Other people are repelled by the Year of the Snake person because of their perceived danger.
Whatever - the person born in the Year of the Snake will invoke a strong reaction from people.
And I also know from my frequent trips to China, the Year of the Snake will be celebrated with great gusto.
The Chinese New Year is a great time to be in China!
Year of the Snake 2013
So what about 2013 for the person born in the Year of the Snake?
That person will continue with their Snake characteristics - clever, calculating and planning to achieve goals.
But, because 2013 is the Year of the Snake, they could become complacent because it is their year.
They might just drift along thinking it will happen - from business ventures to relationships.
Not having their finger on the pulse means problems could arise and blow up in their face.
However, this can be avoided if the Year of the Snake person makes an extra effort to be on top of things and not expect it all to happen without effort.
If this complacency can be avoided, then 2013 should be a good year for the person born in the Year of the Snake.
Of all the 12 zodiac animals, the snake most resembles the dragon in appearance.
In fact, the snake is sometimes called the "little dragon".
The Dragon is considered the most powerful and lucky of all the zodiac animals.
Some of this aura rubs off onto the person born in the Year of the Snake.
So 2013 should be a year in which successes occur for the Year of the Snake person provided they can overcome complacency that could creep in.
A word of warning though - some people are still scared of snakes - with good reason because they bite and kill people.
So, it would be advisable not to wear clothing or jewellry with snake pictures or emblems because this will scare people away from you.
These may be people you need to help you achieve your schemes and goals.
Year of the Snake 2013 - Finance
People born in the Year of the Snake often make a lot of money - after all they are smart cold calculating creatures!
And the Year of the Dragon just finished (2012) was a lucky year. That luck should follow the Snake person's ability to make money.
However, once again complacency means that the money could be frittered away without any lasting benefit.
Again - fight the complacency and look after any monetary gains you may get.
Plan for the future and what to do with the money.
2013 is a good time to invest for your future - who knows how long your good fortune will last. Don't fritter it away.
Year of the Snake 2013 - Business and Careers
We have already seen what a cool calculating clever person the person born in the Year of the Snake is. They are quick to spot new opportunities and have the skills to act on them.
So 2013 should be a good year for career and business opportunities.
Are you looking for some new opportunities in 2013?
Or do you want to grow your existing business?
Then have a look at my story for some ideas.
However, whatever you do, you should apply intelligence, work hard and stay focused.
Watch out for that complacency and indifference that may bring about the down fall of a person born in the Year of the Snake.
A Year of the Snake person should actively use their skills to make things happen - otherwise they are in danger of exciting prospects slipping away.
Year of the Snake 2013 - Romance
The Year of the Snake person has a certain allure (sleek, sexy, powerful, hint of danger) to some other people - those people not put off by the dangers that snakes can have.
This can lead to volatile but exciting relationships - nothing boring in the life of a person born in the Year of the Snake.
Snake people can be a bit of a loner and aloof at times.
2013 should be a good year for relationships as long as they overcome their aloofness and reserved nature when interacting with other people.
Year of the Snake 2013 - Summary
2013 will be a challenging year for the person born in the Year of the Snake.
Great opportunities will be present but will the Snake person be able to maximise their considerable skills and guard against complacency and 

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    Year of the Snake 2013: Lilith - HelveticMint
    992 X 992 | 729.7KB jpeg

December 13,2012
Thursday, 01:06 PM

"Clarizamariable Community
We share the greatness, In everything we serve.

Clarizamariable Community
Ating pag-saluhan ang kataas-taasan, At ang lahat ay ating pag-

A place for artists, and art lovers to explore created works through image and conversation.

Lugar para sa mga isinilang na may angking sining, at mapagmahal sa sining na maisakatuparan ang mga nagawang gawain ukol sa imahe at pakikipagtalastasan."^ ^;...

MariaClariza Espela

Dec 9, 2012
"My community is to explore my personal wishes of my personal chosen scenery with others through Creative ART's, deals with what i click & decided for what i like as a part of this community that i am building to share with in All aspects..."^  ^;...

Ang aking komunidad ay maisasakatuparan ng aking pan-sariling mithiin o kahilingan ukol sa aking pan-sariling naisin o piling-pili na mga tanawin ng iba ukol sa mga nailathala na o nailimbag na likhang sining, ukol sa aking napili at pinag-desisyunang mga ginusto na maging bahagi ng aking komunidad na aking naitayo at ipamahagi o pag-saluhan ang lahat ng ito sa kahit anong bagay o pamamaraan."^  ^;...maclarizaCEO

  Our Family Tree    

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    Vector - 2013 Chinese New Year of Snake .CDR .EPS .Ai Files. Image ID ...

    Genealogy is a giant jigsaw puzzle--each of us holding different pieces.

           Through the Internet we can share our resources,
           solve the puzzle, and find our common unity. 

We’ve added to our family tree

A stronger one to make

A child from another plant

Has become our new namesake.

Just as a limb is grafted

From one tree to another,

It alters and improves the plant

Making it, uniquely, like no other.

Our family tree has been improved

Adoption made this so.

For love, much more than bloodlines,

Makes us thrive and grow.

We chose to share our life and love

And all the joys to come

Our “family tree” has blossomed

With the arrival of our cherished one.

Read more at Poem : Our Family Tree

December 13,2012
Thursday, 09:58 AM

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