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Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Mercury Planet & Mercury Drug of the Philippines"^ ^;...

"Mercury - the closest planet to the Sun

The Planet Mercury
The Planet Mercury, number 1 in a set of 9 prints featuring the planets of our Solar System. Mercury is the first planet from the sun and smallest planet in the Milky Way Solar System. Mercury orbits the Sun once every 87.969 Earth days. Surface temperatures range from about 90 to 700 K (−183 °C to 427 °C). The English name for the planet comes from the Romans, who named it after the Roman god Mercury. The earliest known recorded observations of Mercury are from the Mul.Apin tablets. These observations were most likely made by an Assyrian astronomer around the 14th century BC.

NASAs Mercury
The Historical Transit of Mercury on November 8,2006. Please note that sunspot #923, which is just below the equator at the left-hand side, is much bigger than Mercury is. You can also see two more sunspots at the right-hand side at the equator. You can see Mercury as a small black dot in the lower middle of the solar disk. The picture was taken with a white filter


Atomic Weight 200.59
Density 13.534 g/cm3
Melting Point -38.83 °C
Boiling Point 356.73 °C
Full technical data

Mercury is the only metal element liquid at room temperature. It would be great fun to play with if it weren't so poisonous. This pool was shaped by carefully bending the black-painted foil it was resting on.

Scroll down to see examples of Mercury.

Mercury is the innermost of the eight planets in the Solar System. It is also the smallest, and its orbit has the highest eccentricity of the eight.[a] It orbits the Sun once in about 88 Earth days, completing three rotations about its axis for every two orbits. Mercury has the smallest axial tilt of the Solar System planets. The perihelion of Mercury's orbit precesses around the Sun at an excess of 43 arcseconds per century beyond what is predicted by Newtonian mechanics, a phenomenon that was explained in the 20th century by Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.[12] The planet is named after the Roman messenger to the gods.
Mercury and Venus each make appearances both as a morning star and an evening star (because they are inferior planets), but Mercury is much more difficult to see. At its brightest, Mercury is technically a very bright object when viewed from Earth, but it is not easily seen in practice because of its proximity in the sky to the Sun."^   ^;...

September 03,2012
Monday, 11:32 AM

"Mercury Drug believes that quality and life-saving medicines made affordable and accessible are as important today as it was then. Now more than ever, it is committed to introducing enhanced services to better serve the customers farther and wider, whoever and wherever they may be. For instance, Mercury Drug makes certain the availability of less common but life-saving medical products such as serum, blood plasma, albumin and the like that are stored in a Bio-refrigerator. This would require Mercury Drug to invest on modern technology and to continuously upgrade its facilities in its head office, stores and distribution centers. Aside from pharmaceutical products, it now carries basic household necessities such as food, health and personal care products and others for the buying convenience of its customers. It has also incorporated value added facilities and services in many of its drugstores. More and more branches are open on a 24-hour service all days of the week. Aside from consistently complying with the 20% discounts to senior citizens, Mercury Drug has also launched its ”Suki” card, a customer program as a way of expressing gratitude to its loyal customers. 

Stay healthy with the country's leading, trusted and caring drugstore - Mercury Drug. Redeem at any outlets nationwide!..."^   ^;...

September 03,2012
Monday, 11:51 AM

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  1. "Mercury Planet, it is the nearest planet to the sun. Mercury Drug of the Philippines, It is also my favorite drugstore of my life. Planetang Merkurio, ito ang planetang pinaka-malapit sa araw. Gamot pang-Merkurio ng Pilipinas, ito ay aking paboritong tindahan ng gamot ng aking buhay."^ ^;...maclarizaCEO