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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"[13th] Birthday of my only one SON [J.K.C.E.O.]."^ ^;...

"What an [Mm - 13th] Birthday 
to my one and only SON!!!..."^   ^;...

"Today’s featured poem is a 13th birthday poem. It is meant to be funny, so you may wish to include it inside a funny birthday greeting card.


Happy birthday,
you’re 13 years old.
Your teenage years,
can never be sold.

Say hello to your,
rebellious stage.
Be prepared for
minimum wage.

Your high school experience,
will be truly unique.
With brand new friends,
in your own clique.

Just don’t forget about,
the art of learning.
In 13 years, it shall reflect,
whatever you’re earning.

Hope you enjoy,
all your crazy teenage years.
Go have some fun,
and conquer your fears.

I can’t believe,
you’re thirteen right now.
You’ve grown like a giraffe,
I have to say – wow.

Please remember,
you’re still extra young.
Now go annoy your parents,
and get a pierced tongue.

by anitapoems.com

When children turn thirteen, they begin their exciting and often rebellious teenage years. But no matter what age they may be, they’re always up for a good laugh. That’s why I try to improvise and create my own funny birthday cards.

I don’t exactly create these cards from scratch. Instead, I buy greeting cards that are completely unrelated to the occasion. So for a 13 year old boy’s birthday, I may pick out a random 60th birthday card for a grandfather. Then I just cross out certain words and add my own to make it seem like it’s for a 13 year old boy.

As a result, I turn a normal greeting card into a funny one within seconds, by confusing the recipient and adding very obvious modifications. To make it even funnier, I look for cards that have photos on them. So for the thirteen year old boy, I would try to find a greeting card with a photo of an old grandpa, and maybe write something like, “your future husband”.

I hope you get a chance try my greeting card tactic I mentioned above. In the meantime, good luck sharing today’s 13th birthday poem with that brand new teenager on his birthday."^   ^;...

October 24,2012
Wednesday, 03:02 PM

just  move to my timeline in facebook for my Photos about  13th Birthday of :  JOCHENKARL COLINAYO ESPELA OETZEL

until here!!!...ISCH LIEBE DISCH-ILOVEYOU-MAHAL KITA!!!... VERY MUCH."^  ^;...

[my only one son]
October 20,1999
Year of the [RABBIT]

courtesy of:


Happy 13th Anniversary 

"Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is one of the sixteen cities that comprise the national capital region of Metro Manila.
Population: 1,652,171 (2010)
Area: 38.55 km²
Weather: 29°C, Wind NE at 27 km/h, 66% Humidity"^   ^;...

October 24,2012
Wednesday, 03:35 PM

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  1. "I am thankful to be remembered by my only one son reaching his 13th Birthday, this memorabilia is my expectation to be a part of [Mm-13th] Birthday calendar here in blogger, God Bless You JochenKarl C.E.O."^ ^;...