"M - [13] Magnificent"^ ^;...

"M -[13] ma.clarizaCEO"^ ^;...

Monday, December 12, 2011

"ma.clarizaCEO"^ ^;...


                          W E L C O M E to: 


       "We share the greatness, In everything we served."^  ^;...

"[mariaclariza] a name of a
true fighter a mass of all
risk that clarifying of all
risk, a zone of power & 
brave with no fear what
a name that gave by my
parents if this was'nt you
accept the meaning of my 
name FOREVER."^ ^;...

"Never regret a day in your life
Good days give you Happiness
Bad days give you experience
Both are essential to life
Keep going…
Happiness keeps you strong
Sorrow makes you human
Failures make you humble
Success makes keeps you glowing
But only God keeps you going!
Have a great day! Your Son is shining!!"^ ^;...

MariaClariza Colinayo Espela
September 26,1974
Libran - [TIGER]

September 21,2011
Wednesday, 10:41 AM